BridesList is a portal where a user who is considering finding a partner or spouse overseas can find all the information they may need at every stage of their dating journey, from the list of the most popular destinations to find a serious relationship to professional advice from top dating experts and rankings of the most effective dating sites. 

History and background of the company was founded in 2019 in Boston by a team of singles and married people who had their own cross-cultural dating experience or made it their professional interest. Nowadays, when globalization seems unstoppable, most people still limit themselves to using all approaches to dating. 

We totally understand all the concerns about international relationships—they seem to be hard to find, build, and maintain, and we founded this company specifically because we believe that a deep knowledge of the sphere can compensate for all potential drawbacks and help benefit from all the pros that such international relationships actually have. 

About Us

Our concept and goals

We work to achieve specific goals, namely:

  • Get rid of international dating and mail-order bride stigma and let people know that stereotypical thinking often stops us from making the right decisions. 
  • Tell singles about top destinations for dating where they will have the highest chance of finding a dream spouse based on their family goals and expectations about a relationship. 
  • Help people avoid online dating scams and mail-order bride scams. 
  • Help develop an effective dating strategy that would allow you to find a foreign spouse in the shortest time possible. 
  • Provide accurate information on the costs of online dating services and other services one may need to use to achieve their main goal. 
  • Share information on the most effective online dating platforms that can help you find a perfect match. 

In other words, we collect, check, and share all the information you may need at every stage and help you develop your own strategy, considering your specific needs, budget, and expectations.

Our experts

Our content is created and edited by a team of top international dating experts, each with experience in mentoring, coaching, and helping binational couples cope with potential difficulties and make their relationships happier and healthier. They give professional advice, test the websites searching for the best online dating platforms for singles, and share tips on attracting the right person online or offline. 

Erika Hartman
Meet Erika Hartman—our chief author, successful mindset & life coach, and an international dating enthusiast. She specializes in developing effective strategies that help cope with problematic behaviors in daily life and intercultural relationships.

Erika believes that opening horizons to something new is what we all should strive for, and she uses her deep expertise, statistics, and recent study results to help our website visitors do it easily.
Maria Elizabeth
Maria Elizabeth
Dating Expert
Maria Elizabeth is a love and relationship coach and a dating expert for Maria uses her knowledge, extensive expertise, and years of experience working with intercultural couples to give relationship advice that has already worked for hundreds of spouses. Also, she’s the one who analyzes the dating platforms, evaluates the quality of matching and communication features, and shares her findings with you.

How do we choose our experts?

First and foremost, we pay attention to the following: 

1. University degree, ideally, in social sciences
2. Experience of working with real couples as a dating expert, psychologist, etc.
3. Interest in the sphere of cross-cultural communication and relationships
4. Good writing and editing skills

These are the basic requirements—we aim to create the most useful content for people who want to improve their lives and build a healthy relationship with a foreign partner. 

How we write our guides & reviews 

All the content you can find on falls under two main categories: guides and dating site reviews. 

✏️ How we write dating site reviews:
  1. We monitor the market to find the most promising platforms for cross-cultural dating.
  2. Our experts learn more about the site’s reputation and services, and if it seems worthy, they set up an account on the platform. 
  3. Then, they keep using the site as free members first and then upgrade to test all the premium features. 
  4. Our experts communicate with real people, paying attention not only to the technical aspects of using the site but also to the quality of interaction and other users’ goals and expectations
  5. At the final stage, our team analyzes all the information they’ve learned about the site and gives scores based on the specific quality criteria
  6. The review is written, the site is added to the rankings, and its position is determined by how well it works for one or another category of singles
✏️ How we write guides:
  1. We collect information on the top destinations for cross-cultural dating, collecting statistics on intermarriage and marriage migration rates 
  2. Our experts do background research by reading scholarly literature, searching for the latest statistics and figures on the topic
  3. Our team searches for mail-order brides from the chosen country and their husbands, and interviews them, as well as the single people from this country who don’t mind sharing information on the national character and local dating culture
  4. Experts use their own experience if they have been working with people from this country previously
  5. We write a guide based on facts, statistics, interviews, and our experience

That’s how our content is created. We make every effort to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information on both dating sites and different countries and dating cultures across the world. 

What else can do for you?

We share information on the top countries for dating and the best sites to find local partners and also:

1. Help you understand what potential difficulties you may face in one or another country. 

2. Tell you more about the legal aspects of finding a foreign partner. 

3. Help you cut the costs of finding a foreign spouse. 

4. Help you cope with your internal barriers, cultural barriers, and language barriers.

5. Share advice on how to compromise, find common ground, and build a relationship with someone who was born and raised in another cultural environment. 

Our goal is to get you covered, no matter if you’re looking for information on how to get a visa for a foreign bride or understand how you can impress a foreign partner. 

How do we make money?

We don’t provide online dating services—our specialists work only on the information you can find on We hire top dating experts, writers, editors, and developers and pay salaries from ads you may see on the site. 

We can cooperate with businesses that are connected with online dating services, in particular, online dating sites. Note that if we promote a dating platform, we don’t provide inaccurate information on what a user will get or how much they will pay, but our cooperation may affect the way and order in which information is displayed on

Contact information

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please feel free to contact us: 

Note that we are also hiring new specialists, so you can reach us if you want to become a member of the BridesList team. 

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