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Serbian mail order brides are not that popular among Americans — in 2019 only 75 girls successfully married Americans. But with the help of our guide, we want to increase the popularity of Serbian women for marriage. Take a look at this list of dating websites and learn where you can find your ideal date!

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Why choose Serbian mail order brides?

Serbian brides are strong and dedicated. They would never give up while facing a problem or challenge, which will ensure that your relationships will be strong and long-term. Also, Serbian women are uniquely beautiful — it is a great mix of Slavic and Italian appearances.

Why does Serbian mail order wife seek Western men?

On average, a Serbian wife just wants to live in a better country with a guy who can appreciate a woman’s touch. Most of the time, Serbian ladies are looking for responsible, kind, and successful men who live in the United States.

Common stereotypes surrounding Serbian mail order brides

Most people have heard something about Serbia and Serbian people, and unfortunately, in most cases, these are just stereotypes that often come from the media. Of course, stereotypical thinking isn’t helping someone who’s going to develop realistic expectations about the country and its inhabitants.

This is why we’ve collected the most common myths about the society, and they are as follows: 

  1. Serbian men and women are heavy drinkers. 
  2. Serbian women are ultra-patriotic and easily get aggressive. 
  3. Serbian girls are hot yet money-hungry and willing to marry anyone who’s rich enough. 
  4. Serbian brides are subordinate to men and don’t have their own goals and ambitions. 
  5. They are all communists, royalists, or nationalists. 

Keep in mind that these things have nothing to do with reality, and you’ll have a much better chance to make a good impression on a Serbian woman. Moreover, it will help you get rid of all your prejudices—just meet new people, enjoy communication, and make up your own mind about them. 

The process of finding and choosing a Serbian mail order bride

If you want to find a future wife in Serbia but don’t know where to start, follow these simple recommendations from online dating experts: 

Choose the website with the largest number of Serbian brides
It may be a European mail order bride platform or an international dating website where women from Europe are searching for foreign boyfriends, but it must be a place where you’ll have a real chance of meeting legit Serbian singles.
Learn everything about how the system works
Find out how you can use the platform effectively, make sure you know all the prices, and choose the features that work best for you personally.
Create a competitive profile
Go to your profile settings after registering on the website and use all the tools to create the best profile. Add photos, write a good bio, and add the details that may be interesting and useful for your potential matches.
Communicate with Serbian women until you find a girlfriend
Use live chat, Mail service, video chat, and other features to find someone special, and once you do it, make your relationship official.

After that, you’ll need to meet your girlfriend in real life to make sure she’s the one, and the rest will depend on you two. 

Success stories of Serbian mail order bride marriages

Henry meet Serbian woman

“Serbia is amazing, and local girls are even more amazing. I married one and have been to Serbia over 10 times, so I guess I know what I’m talking about.

Women in this country believe that family is the most important thing in life. They all have ambitions, and though personal development is important in Serbia, a woman is fully accomplished only if she has a family.

Serbians are very beautiful, and they take good care of themselves. They’re also loyal and caring. I’ve been happy with my wife for over 7 years, and I do believe that this country is the best place to search for perfect wife material.”


“To be honest, I never thought I’d marry someone from the Balkans. I’m not even sure I knew anything about them. But I ended up proposing to a Serbian, and she said yes. A lot of things are special about my now-bride and Serbia.

I’ve never seen a country that would be as traditional and modern at the same time. I’m not sure I knew what actual hospitality was before I went there. Women are gorgeous, and mine is absolutely irresistible.

They somehow remain feminine and some of the strongest and smartest women I’ve ever met. Happy to become part of the culture and a Serbian family soon.”

❤️ Top Serbian brides profiles

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Andrijana, 27
Belgrade, Serbia
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Milica Profile image 1
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Milica, 32
Novi Sad, Serbia
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Tijana, 27
Serbia, Novi Pazar
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Sanja, 29
Serbia, Macvanska Mitrovica
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Keric, 26
Serbia, Belgrade
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Milijana, 31
Serbia, Belgrade
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Emilia, 31
Serbia, Lazarevac
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Cristina, 22
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Mariana, 49
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Ludmila, 45
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Tamara, 29
Serbia, Backa Palanka
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Ivana, 21
Serbia, Belgrade
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Delia Cosmina, 31
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