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If you want to find a Chinese woman for dating or marriage, we have the perfect spot for you. Check out our hand-crafted selection of popular dating services to find the one among Chinese brides you’ll love the most!

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Whenever anyone discusses brides from Asia, Chinese girls for marriage always get a mention. China is one of the most popular destinations for Western men looking for an Asian woman to date or to marry, and the statistics confirm it.

In 2019, there were 1,346 Chinese mail order brides who received a K-1 visa and moved into the United States as fiancées to American men.

While some of these couples may have met on vacations or through friends, it’s safe to assume that for most of them, the initial connection happened online. The internet is now the most effective way to meet women from different parts of the globe, whether it’s China, Sri Lanka, or even Lebanon.

3 reasons to consider Chinese girls for dating

Chinese females are fascinating creatures, and you will always find something new to love about them even after you’ve been with a Chinese wife for years. These are the three qualities that make Chinese girls so attractive to Western men.

The beauty of Chinese brides is not up for debate

The appearance of a Chinese woman is something you will notice as soon as you meet her and something you’ll never grow tired of looking at. Chinese girls are absolutely gorgeous and their appearance has not changed fundamentally for centuries.

Modern beauty standards in China are completely natural, so you will hardly ever meet a woman who has done something drastic to alter her face. Porcelain skin, delicate features, petite build, and shiny, sleek hair are some of the most common features of Chinese women that appear to be their trait among other Asian beauties.

Nothing matters to Chinese wives more than family

Women in China are incredibly attached to their families. At first, it only includes their parents and siblings.

However, once a Chinese girl meets the man she wants to be with forever, let alone has children with him, the husband and kids become the most important people in her life. A Chinese mail order wife can go to great lengths to accommodate her loved ones, and the best thing about it is that you won’t even need to ask.

Chinese mail order brides have a hard-working nature

Young Chinese girls for marriage are not used to doing nothing and having everything brought to them. They are prepared to work hard to get what they want.

Most Chinese beauties just as Filipino brides begin working immediately after graduating and build a decent career. They won’t easily give it all up for marriage. Chinese women often continue working after getting married, but they never allow their family life to suffer from their work commitments.

Common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding Chinese mail order brides

Everyone who’s looking to find a bride in China should have realistic expectations. It’s important to disregard the most common misconceptions and stereotypes, and here are the most important and harmful of them: 

  1. Chinese women are obedient and submissive. Not true—they are more self-reliant, independent, and strong than most people think. 
  2. They’re super materialistic. Not true—material values are important, but they don’t outweigh spiritual values for Chinese girls. 
  3. They expect you to be an old-school macho. Not true—traditional gender roles are important, and people are expected to follow some old gender dating rules, but mutual respect, understanding, and care are the things local women really seek in a relationship. 

Consider this information before you join a dating site and start communicating with local women—that will help you make a good impression on Chinese girls and maintain more realistic expectations overall. 

The process of finding and selecting a Chinese mail order bride

If you believe you have a good chance of finding love in China, you need a good strategy to find a Chinese bride and avoid common mistakes and money losses. If you don’t know where to start and how to do it, take a look at the recommendations below. 

Choose the site that will help you achieve your goal
Ideally, it must be a mail order bride site or at least an international dating site with thousands of Chinese women looking for foreign matches. Of course, profile quality, safety, features, and pricing matter, too. 
Create a competitive profile
Niche websites are usually premium-based, and women are usually picky, so you’ll definitely need a good profile. It will help you find a future bride faster and save money you could spend on online dating services. 
Take matchmaking seriously
Don’t pay attention to appearance only—set certain criteria, apply search filters, and use matchmaking services to find someone special in the shortest time. 
Build deep emotional connections
You’ll need to start a long-distance relationship first. Use the right communication tools—texting is great at the beginning, but more advanced features like video chat are better when you need to build a deeper emotional connection. 

These are the basic points to focus on. Develop your own strategy, don’t be afraid to meet new people, and you’ll succeed. 

Real-life stories of successful relationships with Chinese mail order brides


“I experienced an actual cultural shock when I first came to China, and one of the things that impressed me greatly was the local women.

I was married at the time, so I just thought to myself that Chinese girls were incredibly caring, feminine, friendly, and smart. When I divorced my ex-wife, I knew where I wanted to find my future soulmate.

I met a girl who was everything I’ve ever wanted and even more, and cultural differences became our strength and not a weakness.

Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy, but when you’re finally together, you realize that what you have now is worth the effort. “


“I’ve always been attracted to Asian girls, so when I felt like I was finally ready to settle down, I started searching for a girlfriend online.

I didn’t care much about the country, actually. One day, a Chinese cutie messaged me, and that’s where our story began. I can’t say I fell for her that day, but I realized I was going to marry her when I first met her in Shanghai after 4 months of long-distance dating.

I proposed, and she said yes. It took 1.5 years more to get her a visa, and we’ve been happily married for 4 years.”

What Chinese cities most popular to find Chinese women

There are many single Chinese women looking for love and marriage. In fact, the number of single Chinese women is estimated to be around 24 million. So, if you’re looking for a Chinese bride, where are the best cities to look?

Here are four popular cities for finding Chinese brides:

  1. Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing is naturally one of the best places to look for Chinese brides. There are many matchmaking agencies and dating websites in Beijing that can help you find your perfect Chinese partner.

  1. Shanghai

Shanghai is another great city for finding Chinese brides.

  1. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is another popular city for finding Chinese brides. The city has a large population of single Chinese women.

  1. Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a city in southern China that is becoming increasingly popular for finding Chinese brides. The city has a large population of single Chinese women.

What compels Chinese brides to look for Western men?

China is a distant, exotic country, and most of us don’t know much about it other than a few common facts. You may have heard that there are now far more single men than women in China, which, in theory, should mean that Chinese girls have plenty of potential partners to choose from. However, the situation is more complicated than that.

Many young Chinese mail order brides find local men to have obsolete views. These men want their women to become stay-at-home wives and mothers and want them to leave their careers and social lives behind.

This is not something an ambitious, strong Chinese girl is willing to accept. Like a Japanese mail order wife, she considers a Western man to be a more modern, flexible, and tolerant person, and that is exactly what draws Chinese women to Western guys.

What is the current cost of getting a Chinese mail order bride?

The most convenient, effective, and quick way to meet Chinese brides for dating and marriage is to use international dating sites. They are also perfectly legal, as you don’t actually buy anyone and instead meet women just like you would in real life.

So how much does the whole experience cost? Your budget will include the following expenses:

  • international dating site membership;
  • using extra contact features;
  • sending gifts and bouquets to the lady;
  • visiting your bride in China;
  • inviting your bride to the United States.

Depending on several factors, including the dating site you choose, how long you communicate with the woman online, and how many visits it takes you to make sure you’ve found your soulmate, you can end up paying between $3,000 and $20,000. Keep in mind that none of the money goes directly to the woman, so you shouldn’t feel entitled to anything.

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To sum up

Chinese mail order wives make perfect life partners to all kinds of men, no matter what you want to see in a woman and what your own personality and background are like.

There may be thousands of miles between you and the beautiful Chinese women, but with the power of modern technology, you can easily overcome this barrier. Meet Chinese girls for dating and marriage and never look back at your single days!

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