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Venezuelan women seem to migrate to get married less frequently than women from other Latin countries. If we look at the statistics, we’ll see that in 2022, nearly 300 Venezuelans applied for K-1 visas to the United States. In just 20 years, from 2000 to 2021, the population of Venezuelans in America increased by nearly 600%

Marriage migration from this country is real, and so are Venezuelan mail-order brides. How to meet them, how much will that cost, and what should you expect from a Venezuelan partner?

Top dating sites to meet Venezuelan women for marriage

Venezuela isn’t the safest place to visit, so most men prefer to search for Venezuela brides online. The percentage of women seeking serious relationships with foreigners is the highest on niche websites, and our experts have chosen the most promising specialized platforms for you. 

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Top Venezuelan brides’ profiles

What do Venezuelan brides look like? We’ve chosen the best profiles from top dating sites—take a look and choose your favorite.

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Catherine Profile image 1
Catherine Profile image 2
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Catherine, 28
Venezuela, Acarigua
From: LatiDate.com
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Marella Profile image 1
Marella Profile image 2
Marella Profile image 3
Marella Profile image 4
Marella Profile image 5
Marella Profile image 6
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Marella, 35
Venezuela, Caracas
From: LatiDate.com
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Luany Profile image 1
Luany Profile image 2
Luany Profile image 3
Luany Profile image 4
Luany Profile image 5
Luany Profile image 6
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Luany, 38
Venezuela, Mérida
From: LatiDate.com
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Dasrieka Carolina Profile image 1
Dasrieka Carolina Profile image 2
Dasrieka Carolina Profile image 3
Dasrieka Carolina Profile image 4
Dasrieka Carolina Profile image 5
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Dasrieka Carolina, 26
Venezuela, Caracas
From: LatiDate.com
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Agatha Profile image 1
Agatha Profile image 2
Agatha Profile image 3
Agatha Profile image 4
Agatha Profile image 5
Agatha Profile image 6
Agatha has more photos!
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Agatha, 26
Venezuela, Maracaibo
From: LatiDate.com
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Johana Profile image 1
Johana Profile image 2
Johana Profile image 3
Johana Profile image 4
Johana has more photos!
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Johana, 56
San Cristóbal, Venezuela
From: LatiDate.com
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Shineth Profile image 1
Shineth Profile image 2
Shineth Profile image 3
Shineth Profile image 4
Shineth Profile image 5
Shineth Profile image 6
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Shineth, 32
Venezuela, Anzoategui
From: LatiDate.com
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Elena Profile image 1
Elena Profile image 2
Elena Profile image 3
Elena has more photos!
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Elena, 29
Venezuela, Bachaquero
From: LatiDate.com
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Alejandra Profile image 1
Alejandra Profile image 2
Alejandra Profile image 3
Alejandra Profile image 4
Alejandra Profile image 5
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Alejandra, 34
El Rosal, Venezuela
From: LatiDate.com
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Jackelin Profile image 1
Jackelin Profile image 2
Jackelin Profile image 3
Jackelin Profile image 4
Jackelin Profile image 5
Jackelin Profile image 6
Jackelin has more photos!
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Jackelin, 39
Venezuela, Caracas
From: LatiDate.com
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Winda Profile image 1
Winda Profile image 2
Winda Profile image 3
Winda Profile image 4
Winda Profile image 5
Winda Profile image 6
Winda has more photos!
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Winda, 36
Venezuela, San Antonio del Tachira
From: LatiDate.com
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Anyelina Profile image 1
Anyelina Profile image 2
Anyelina Profile image 3
Anyelina Profile image 4
Anyelina Profile image 5
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Anyelina, 20
Caracas, Venezuela
From: LatiDate.com
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Rosibys Profile image 1
Rosibys Profile image 2
Rosibys Profile image 3
Rosibys Profile image 4
Rosibys Profile image 5
Rosibys Profile image 6
Rosibys has more photos!
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Rosibys, 40
Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz
From: LatiDate.com
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Eileen Profile image 1
Eileen Profile image 2
Eileen Profile image 3
Eileen Profile image 4
Eileen Profile image 5
Eileen Profile image 6
Eileen has more photos!
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Eileen, 23
Venezuela, Anzoategui
From: LatiDate.com
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Rosir Profile image 1
Rosir Profile image 2
Rosir Profile image 3
Rosir Profile image 4
Rosir Profile image 5
Rosir has more photos!
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Rosir, 26
El Rosal, Venezuela
From: LatiDate.com

The process of finding and selecting a Venezuelan mail-order bride

How do you find a Venezuelan bride? We believe that the best option you have is to do it online. Here’s a short step-by-step guide that will help you:

Choose a dating website with a good reputation
Read the reviews and pay attention to all the details: if a lot of people say that a dating website is full of scammers, it probably is.
Test the platform and pay attention to the quality of profiles
Do they look like real women? Are the profiles ID-verified? If there’s an ID verification service on a dating website, it becomes much easier.
Make sure the women talk like real women
On some dating websites, you’ll get dozens of “Oh honey, I’m already in love with you,” even with an empty profile and no profile picture. Obviously, such websites are not worth your time.
Buy credits or a premium subscription
All the good international dating websites cost money, which means you’ll have to pay to start chatting with other users. The good news is that most of these websites offer huge discounts to new members.

P.S. It’s also extremely important to learn about the culture of your potential bride before you even start dating a foreign woman. That’s how you’ll avoid a lot of potential problems. Learning Spanish or Portuguese might work great, too!

Real-life stories of successful relationships with Venezuelan mail-order brides

Charles and Gabriela
La Date

“We first met with Gabriela in 2017. It was summer, and I was going to visit Medellin (Colombia), so I thought finding a companion would be a good idea.

Gabriela moved from Maracaibo to Colombia the same year, so she wasn’t the best tour guide, to be honest. But it turned out we had so much in common that we started dating right away. 

A week later, I had to leave Colombia, but we continued our relationship, and in 2018, when we met again, I proposed to her. We’re still together, we have a son, and I have never been happier in my life.”

Liam and Maria

“Maria texted me first, so I thought that LatiDate was a scam website—like, a girl that hot who texts me first? Impossible here in the US. But totally possible in Venezuela, as I realized later.

She said she liked my photo—I had a profile picture with my dog, and she loves dogs, too, so we had a lot to talk about! 

I don’t know how that’s possible, but I felt like I’ve known her my whole life. So we met, had a few dates, realized our feelings were mutual, and got married without any preparations and guests—just got a certificate and a CR-1 visa a year later.”

3 main reasons to choose Venezuelan mail-order brides

So, what’s so special about Venezuelan women for marriage? Of course, we won’t be able to avoid generalizations when talking about the national character of millions of people.

Still, husbands of Venezuelan brides, as well as travelers and researchers, note that some things make local women especially attractive in the eyes of men.  

Reason #1 — Benevolence and charisma

There’s something unique about Venezuelan girls, and many believe that it’s about that special combination of kindness, optimism, and what people now call “rizz”. Local women care about their appearance a lot, but that’s only part of their charm.

Men fall for them because of their hotness but stay in a relationship and often start families with Venezuelans because of their benevolence, strong altruistic values, and spontaneity. 

Reason #2 — Devotion to partners & importance of a relationship

Family values have always been strong in Venezuela, and that’s one of the things that doesn’t seem to change over time. Don’t get us wrong—Venezuelan women are also self-reliant and independent, and they’re not looking for a man they can fully depend on.

Still, they’re motivated to start relationships just because they believe that love is what can make you truly happy. Venezuelan women are also known as some of the world’s most loving and loyal women. 

Reason #3 — Spirituality and street-smartness 

Building an emotional connection means sharing. People get attracted to one another when they find out that besides physical attraction, they also feel that their partner is a deep, smart, and developed person with their own spiritual values, thoughts, beliefs, and philosophy.

If you’re looking for such a wife, you’ll be able to find a perfect match in Venezuela. Local women are intelligent and street-smart, and they do believe that there’s something more than just minding daily business. 

What are Venezuelan brides looking for in Western men? 

Another interesting question is what can make a mail-order bride from Venezuela consider marrying a foreigner. Most people would assume it’s just about money or migration as is. In reality, everything is more complicated.

Here are some of the most common factors that actually often make local women make such a decision. 

  1. Attraction to foreign men. Yes, it may be that simple. Westerners are often seen as a bit exotic, reliable, and successful guy. 
  2. Family problems in Venezuela. Unfortunately, the unstable situation in Venezuela impacts all the spheres of social life. Couples in Venezuela face multiple problems, and alcohol and substance abuse, along with domestic violence, often become reasons for divorce. Some local women see intermarriage as a way to avoid such a scenario. 
  3. Negative previous experiences. Many women just have negative associations because of bad relationships and painful breakups, so they’re seeking an alternative. 
  4. Desire to get married in the near future. It’s not always easy to meet a family- and marriage-minded man. Venezuelan women who are ready to settle down know about that, as well as about thousands of Westerners who want to start families with Latina wives. 

Also, it would be wrong to deny that many local women also consider intermarriage because they see it as a win-win way to find a loving man and raise children in a safer and more stable environment. 

Critical points of dating etiquette in Venezuela 

There’s no single strategy that would allow you to win the heart of any Venezuelan woman.

However, there are some recommendations that can ill help foreigners avoid common mistakes that they often make when approaching local women online or offline. 

  1. Make the first move. It will be appreciated. 
  2. Don’t put any pressure on a Venezuelan woman. On top of that, never act as if you think she’s easy. 
  3. Forget everything you thought you knew about Latinas. They just hate those very common stereotypes. 
  4. Compliment her, but don’t focus on appearance only. Show genuine interest in her unique personality. 
  5. Don’t disappear for days. Your absence is likely to be interpreted as a lack of interest. 
  6. Declare your intent if you’re seeking something serious
  7. Relax, enjoy communication, and remain confident. It’s about having fun and not making the best impression possible. 

So, there are no strict rules—just the basic principles that will improve your chances of finding a Venezuelan girlfriend in the shortest term possible. 

What is the current cost of getting a Venezuelan mail-order bride? 

There’s only one effective way for a foreign man to legally meet and marry one of the Venezuelan brides without visiting the country.

He will need to choose a specialized dating site, join the community, start a long-distance relationship with one of the singles, meet a girl in real life, and then help her get a visa after he proposes.

Of course, even though a man doesn’t pay for getting a bride, all these services will cost money, and we calculated the major costs below.  

Online expenses

There are two main types of sites where a man will have the best chance to meet a future wife from Venezuela, namely: 

  1. Sites with Venezuela mail-order brides. These niche platforms accept only family-minded women who are ready to get married soon, of course, if they find the right person. 
  2. Latin dating sites for foreigners. These are also specialized sites designed for Latin singles, including Venezuelan singles and people from other countries interested in finding a perfect match in this particular region. Though there are no restrictions for members with different relationship goals, most users here are looking for serious relationships. 

Basically, both types of sites are way more effective than mainstream apps just because on apps like Tinder, not all women from Venezuela consider dating a foreigner. There’s another thing that Latin dating sites and mail-order bride websites have in common—good platforms from this segment of the market are never free. 

The costs vary greatly, and in 90% of cases, members need to buy credits instead of premium plans. Credits may cost from $0.22 per 100 credits to $3.99 per credit, but the cost of messaging matters, too. For example, on some sites, you’ll spend 20 credits on 10 minutes of chatting, and on sites where credits cost much more, the cost of messaging is just 0.5 credits for 10 minutes. 

That’s why it’s crucially important to see the price list before you start spending money on the site. The system may seem confusing, but members spend on such sites $100-$120 on average on such sites. 

Considering that for most men, it takes around half a year to find a Venezuelan bride, the approximate total cost of online dating services is around $600. 

Offline expenses

Of course, a man will need to meet a Venezuela girl for marriage in real life one day. In most cases, men meet their mail-order brides in their home countries, but that won’t work in the case of Venezuela—going there is just too dangerous.

That’s why we recommend going to a third country, for example, Brazil, that borders Venezuela (we calculated the price for Brazil, but you can consider any other place, too). Also, a man usually pays for a visa for a bride, and there may be some additional expenditures, for example, spending on gifts, weddings, etc. 

Cost categoryMid-range
Plane tickets to Brazil (round-trip)$1,300
Hotel (in Brazil for 3 weeks)$1,500
Food & Entertainment (Brazil, 3 weeks)$700
Gifts & courting (optional but recommended)$500-$2,000+
Visa fees$1,000

So, if we assume that you choose Brazil as the country to meet your Venezuelan bride, go there just once, pay for a visa, won’t spend too much on gifts and wedding, and spend around 6 months on one of the top Venezuelan dating sites, you’ll spend around $6,000. 

Are Venezuelan mail-order brides legal?

Yes, a man can legally meet and marry a Venezuelan mail-order bride, but there are a few important criteria that their relationship should meet to be legit in the eyes of the law. It, by the way, makes no distinction between Venezuelan women that American men have met online and ladies that men have met in real life. 

In any case, a foreign citizen who’s going to get married in the United States will need to apply for a K-1 visa and meet all the existing requirements. In particular, a couple will need to prove that their relationship is authentic, provide all the evidence they have (from photos and plane tickets to message history on a dating site), and also prove that they’ve met in real life within the previous two years.

Common stereotypes surrounding Venezuelan mail-order brides

We need to talk about stereotypes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about Venezuelan brides, and some of these myths might affect your expectations—we are here to not let this happen.

  • They are easy. The point here is that Venezuelan brides are flirty, open-minded, and extremely hot—but this does not in any way mean they are “easy.” They are easy to approach and to talk with, yes, but they are not easier in a sexual way than other women.
  • They are loud and crazy. This stereotype might be based on the fact that Venezuelan mail-order brides are quite emotional and very passionate, but there’s a huge difference between being “emotional” and being “crazy.” 
  • They have huge families and want to have 3+ children. In fact, the total fertility rate for South America and the Caribbean is lower than 2 births per woman, which is just slightly higher than the TFR in the United States.

That’s not all, of course. There are a lot more false stereotypes about Venezuelan brides, but you’ve got the idea: most of them are offensive, not true, and need to be shattered.

To sum up: Are Venezuelan mail-order brides a good choice?

Who should and who shouldn’t search for a Venezuelan girl for marriage? If you’re looking for a spontaneous, kind, beautiful, emotional, and loyal woman who always remains optimistic no matter what, you’ll have a good chance of finding her in Venezuela.

If you have other priorities, for example, if you’d like to meet a more reserved woman, there are better alternatives for you.

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