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💳 Starting Price $2.99 for 20 credits 
👍 Best For International communication, international dating, meeting Filipino singles 
❤️ Favorite FeaturesFollowers, instant messaging, virtual gifts, the People feature
📱 App InfoMobile-optimized dating website
💻 Site Philitalks.com

Philitalks rating

A good dating platform must meet certain quality criteria, and the Philtalks dating website is definitely no exception to this rule. Here are the most important parameters we’ve evaluated—consider the points to see what to expect from the website. 

Registration Process
Ease of Use
Profiles Quality
Customer Support
Overall score

Why choose Philitalks?

Is Philitalks legit? In short—yes, it is, and here’s why I consider that the Philitalks website may be pretty effective for certain categories of users. 

  • Active community. Everyone who made enough effort to create a competitive profile can expect to receive a lot of messages. 
  • Free features. Though it’s rather a freemium platform, there are multiple features that let you see who the members are, how everything works, and even estimate the approximate success rate for you personally. 
  • Transparent pricing. The Philitalks dating site isn’t cheap, but there are no hidden costs, so you can plan your budget easily. 
  • Interesting concept. Philitalks isn’t just a dating website but also a social networking platform for meeting similar-minded people. 
  • Good design. There are no bugs, excessively vivid colors, or annoying pop-ups, and the user experience is quite smooth. 

If you want to learn more about the website, keep reading this Philtalk review—I’m going to focus on all the most important aspects and share some insights. 

How much does Philitalks cost? 

There are both free and paid features on the website, and those who want to use the best services need to purchase credits. At the moment, users can choose among the following packages: 

($2.99 for new members)
20 credits
50 credits
125 credits
250 credits
750 credits
Philitalks cost

Which of the Philitalks features are free to use?

Here are some of the features that all members can use without paying: 

  • Profile upgrade. Every user can create a detailed, competitive profile without spending any credits on adding photos, extra information, etc. 
  • Following users and access to Feed. On Philitalks, you can follow any member you like and/or just browse posts in the Feed. 
  • Search & People. You can apply some basic search filters and see your matches or enjoy swiping—in both cases, you won’t spend any credits. 
  • Winks, likes, and favorites. These are the only free features you can use to contact people without paying. 
  • Customer support. Every registered user can contact the Philitalks customer support team at any time, and there’s no such thing as priority support for premium members. 

Unlike some other dating platforms in this segment of the market, Philitalks really allows standard users to learn enough about the website and the community before they decide to pay or not to pay for using the service. 

What Philitalks services will cost credits?

Once you claim your free credits or buy more on the Philitalks dating websites, you’ll be able to unlock multiple features, including: 

  • Instant messaging & Mail service. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to not only send messages or letters but also attach media files. 
  • Virtual and real gifts. Virtual gifts are much, much cheaper and work great for those who want to get the attention of someone new and attractive. Real gifts, in turn, are rather for those who’ve already met someone truly special on Philitalks and want to do something nice for them. 
  • Profile videos. Watching introductory videos that some members share on their profiles will also cost some extra credits. 

Note that the accurate prices of using each feature are listed in the Credits section of the main menu. There are no hidden costs, and that’s one of the things I appreciate most about Philitalks.com. 

What payment methods are available on Philitalks?

At the moment, members can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Also, there’s Sofort as an alternative to direct payments.

Note that there are automatic top-ups, and though a user needs to turn them on to get more credits when a balance hits the minimum amount, I’d still recommend ensuring that you won’t be charged without you knowing.  

Weighing pros and cons of using Philitalks for online dating

There’s no need to read a lot of Philitalks reviews to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the platform. It’s definitely not perfect; it can work for some users perfectly and be ineffective for others. See the pros and cons to find out to what category you belong.

  • Members can read messages for free
  • No need to pay right after setting up an account on the Philitalks dating website
  • High response rate (but only if you have a detailed profile)
  • Following someone allows you to learn a lot about them
  • Media exchange makes Philitalks a safer place (it’s more of a guarantee you’re talking to a real person)
  • Not all members have profile videos
  • No way to have an actual conversation without paying
  • No Philitalks app

Navigating Philitalks

Is Philitalks real? It is, but if you’re going to use it, you should learn more about the main processes, and I’m going to explain them all below. 

Signing up and logging in on Philitalks

If you want to join the community, you only need to press the Try It Free button, and you’ll be taken to the end of the page where you’ll see the Philitalks sign-up form (yes, it’s not at the top of the page, so it may be a bit confusing).

Then, you’ll need to take the following steps: 

  1. Provide basic information like gender, name, and email address. 
  2. Confirm that you want to join the community and agree with the terms and policies. 
  3. Take a quiz and answer questions about yourself and your perfect match.
  4. Write a self-description. 
  5. Add a photo. 
  6. Join the community and access profiles. 

You can skip questions from the quiz and also add a photo later. Even though more details can be added by a user at any time, I still wouldn’t recommend skipping steps when signing up, as algorithms use the information you share to suggest the best matches to you.

Note that your email address will be your Philitalks login, and your password can be restored only if you have access to it. 

Signing up Philitalks

Search and filters

Let’s say you’ve joined Philitalks to meet Asian women. How can you see the profiles of your best potential matches? Here are the options: 

  1. By applying basic search filters and sorting profiles. You can see all profiles, only profiles of people you’re already following or profiles of members who are currently online. As for the filters, only basic criteria like country, age, and gender can be used. 
  2. By using the People feature. If you go to the People page, you’ll see suggested profiles of people who meet your basic criteria. Basically, this is the classic swiping feature, but you’ll be able to start a conversation without waiting for another person to like your profile, too. 
  3. By viewing posts on the Feed. As I’ve noted before, access to the Feed is free and unlimited, so you can see all the latest posts from Philitalks members. Also, a user can use the filter and see the posts only from people they’re already following. 

I would recommend testing all the features and using different options from time to time. That will allow you to find more interesting people to chat with. 

basic search filters

People feature

Philitalks profile overview

Philitalks profiles are more detailed than profiles on most mainstream platforms. Every user can create a competitive personal page by taking the following steps: 

  1. Adding more photos. Note that members can add both public and private photos. Users will be able to unlock your private photos after they start a conversation with you.
  2. Adding details in bio. These are your name, date of birth, marital status, country, city, field of work, English level, and languages you speak. 
  3. Adding more About Me information. You can choose multiple traits, hobbies, movies, and music genres. 
  4. Adding more information about your goals. These are the purpose of using the website, age range of partners, personality type, and gender. 
  5. Writing a Story. You can tell others anything about yourself, your perfect match, your preferences, and the way you see a perfect relationship. 

Not all the profiles are equally detailed, but in most cases, you can learn enough about another person. There are very few fake accounts, and what I really appreciate is that you can visit a profile and see all the posts that a member has ever shared on Philitalks. 

Here are a few quite typical profiles of Asian women on the website. Basically, most other pages look more or less the same. 

Profile Examples

Philitalks profile overview
Philitalks profile

Philitalks communication tools

Here’s how I could contact users on Philitalks: 

  • By starting a live chat. There’s a chat window under each bio right in a user’s profile, so I could start a conversation right away. 
  • By sending a letter. The chat window can be switched to Mails with just one click, so you can write a long email to someone you like. 
  • By sending a virtual gift. A fun way to get someone’s attention. 
  • By sending a real gift. This is the only feature I didn’t use, as real gifts are expensive. 
  • By sending a wink or like. These are the free communication features, so you can use them to see if the person is interested in having a conversation, too. 

None of the services are buggy; everything is intuitive, and you can see the cost of using a particular feature right next to it. 

Philitalks communication tools

External review: Sitejabber

I think I spent enough time on the Philitalks website to be able to draw certain conclusions, but I always keep in mind that my experience may be different from other users’ experiences. That’s why I always analyze feedback, and here are some Philitalks reviews that seemed to be the most useful to me. 

Philitalks review on Sitejabber
Philitalks review on Sitejabber site

Our Philitalks review verdict

So, is Philitalks a reliable source? Basically, it is. There are many Philitalks success stories, and it’s a great place to meet new people, communicate, have fun, and build emotional connections. 

However, you should also consider that it’s a premium dating website, so you’ll need to pay for communication. If Philitalks’ perks matter to you, it may make sense, but if you have other priorities or just aren’t that interested in finding matches in the Philippines or other Asian countries, there may be better alternatives for you. 

Philitalks Alternatives

Is Philitalks legal? Yes, it is. But does it work equally well for all? No, perfect platforms just don’t exist. It may not meet some of your requirements and expectations, and in this case, we can recommend a few decent alternative dating websites that might be more effective, suitable, or affordable for you personally.

Alternative dating sites
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