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Researchers call Filipino mail-order brides “women on the move,” and the reasons are obvious. The number of Filipino marriage migrants to the US alone is skyrocketing. In 2022, almost 5,000 people from the Philippines applied for K-1 visas to marry their American partners and stay in the country, and the vast majority of them were women.  

What exactly makes Filipino wives that attractive? How much does it cost to get a Pinay wife, and who shouldn’t search for one? You’ll find all the answers here. 

Top dating sites to meet Filipino women for marriage

Finding a wife in the Philippines has never been easier. Today, a man can choose among dozens of dating websites with Asian or Pinay girls only—and we’ve found, tested, and chosen the best of them. 

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Filipino brides’ profiles

What do potential Philippine wives look like? We’ve chosen the best profiles from top dating websites—take a look, see what to expect, and choose your favorite. 

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Leilani Profile image 1
Leilani Profile image 2
Leilani Profile image 3
Leilani Profile image 4
Leilani Profile image 5
Leilani Profile image 6
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Leilani, 33
Philippines, Rizal
From: SakuraDate.com
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Cruz Profile image 1
Cruz Profile image 2
Cruz Profile image 3
Cruz Profile image 4
Cruz Profile image 5
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Cruz, 21
Philippines, Quezon City
From: SakuraDate.com
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Dionybeth Profile image 1
Dionybeth Profile image 2
Dionybeth Profile image 3
Dionybeth Profile image 4
Dionybeth has more photos!
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Dionybeth, 29
Centro, Philippines
From: SakuraDate.com
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Kristine Profile image 1
Kristine Profile image 2
Kristine Profile image 3
Kristine Profile image 4
Kristine Profile image 5
Kristine has more photos!
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Kristine, 26
Philippines, Abucay
From: SakuraDate.com
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Ryhs Profile image 1
Ryhs Profile image 2
Ryhs Profile image 3
Ryhs Profile image 4
Ryhs Profile image 5
Ryhs Profile image 6
Ryhs has more photos!
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Ryhs, 24
Philippines, Manila
From: SakuraDate.com
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Moca Profile image 1
Moca Profile image 2
Moca Profile image 3
Moca Profile image 4
Moca Profile image 5
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Moca, 26
Philippines, Quezon City
From: SakuraDate.com
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Mariana Profile image 1
Mariana Profile image 2
Mariana Profile image 3
Mariana Profile image 4
Mariana Profile image 5
Mariana Profile image 6
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Mariana, 26
Philippines, Bulacan
From: SakuraDate.com
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Tweete Profile image 1
Tweete Profile image 2
Tweete Profile image 3
Tweete has more photos!
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Tweete, 33
Philippines, Consolacion
From: SakuraDate.com
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Sam Profile image 1
Sam Profile image 2
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Sam, 25
Philippines, Manila
From: SakuraDate.com
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Angielyn Profile image 1
Angielyn Profile image 2
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Angielyn, 25
Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
From: SakuraDate.com
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Gabor Profile image 1
Gabor Profile image 2
Gabor Profile image 3
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Gabor, 27
Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
From: SakuraDate.com
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Maedriel Profile image 1
Maedriel Profile image 2
Maedriel Profile image 3
Maedriel Profile image 4
Maedriel Profile image 5
Maedriel Profile image 6
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Maedriel, 34
Philippines, Talisay City
From: SakuraDate.com
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Divero Profile image 1
Divero Profile image 2
Divero Profile image 3
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Divero, 27
Philippines, Caloocan
From: SakuraDate.com
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Rosalyn Profile image 1
Rosalyn Profile image 2
Rosalyn Profile image 3
Rosalyn Profile image 4
Rosalyn Profile image 5
Rosalyn Profile image 6
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Rosalyn, 25
Philippines, Manila
From: SakuraDate.com
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Sharmin Profile image 1
Sharmin Profile image 2
Sharmin Profile image 3
Sharmin Profile image 4
Sharmin Profile image 5
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Sharmin, 21
Philippines, San Pedro
From: SakuraDate.com

The process of finding and selecting a Filipina mail order bride

Not sure how exactly you can find a Filipina mail order bride? Stick to these rules:

Find the right platform
First, you need to create an account on a dating website—but before that, it’s obvious that you have to find the right platform. To make the right choice, you must analyze the industry and test at least a few websites to choose which one is more convenient for you. It’s very important to read both expert reviews and user feedback when choosing a dating platform: expert reviews will tell you everything about a website, and user opinions will help you understand if this platform is actually worth the money.
Create an account on a dating website
Then, you’ll create an account and upload pictures. It’s generally recommended to choose your best photos, but we’d like to add that they must also be recent.
Fill in all the fields in the profile section
You’ll also have to answer all the questions during the registration and fill in all the fields in the profile section. You can skip those steps, of course, but in this case, you will not benefit from the matching algorithm of the dating website.
Buy credits or purchase a premium membership
Then, you’ll have to buy credits or purchase a premium membership. The absolute majority of Filipino mail order bride websites are not 100% free to use—messaging tools are always premium-based.
Start sending messages and chatting with Filipino brides
With credits/premium subscription, you can start sending messages and chatting with Filipino brides (typically, dating websites offer two main messaging tools: email and live chat).

Success stories of Filipina mail order bride marriages


I created a profile on SakuraDate in 2019, and I didn’t want to pay, so I was just browsing the profiles and looking at photos of women there without writing to them. That’s how I met Nicole—we exchanged free likes, but none of us had the credits to start the communication!

Well, I bought some credits the next day, of course, and we started chatting. It was a bit strange for me that a girl who was half my age was so close to me in terms of interests, but I checked everything and understood she was a 100% real person.

So we chatted, then we met, and we married the same year, in 2019. That’s the whole story.


Abigail was the second girl who approached me on EasternHoneys in 2021 when I signed up. I didn’t even have a profile picture yet, so it looked a bit weird to me, but we chatted for, like, 30 minutes, and I was 100% convinced she was a real woman.

We exchanged photos and even videos later, and after that, it was a pretty standard story, I believe. We met 4 times, we married in the US in 2022, where she arrived on a K-1 visa, and we’ve lived happily together ever since.

3 common types of Filipino women 

First of all, we’d like to emphasize that all mail-order brides from the Philippines are unique and different from each other.

Yes, they share some common traits and qualities; for example, they’re usually family minded, more easy-going than women in other Asian countries, and really devoted to their partners. However, locals distinguish three main types of Filipinas that have their own distinctive features. 

1. Morena — The friendliest type

This is the most common type in the Philippines. This archetypical girl isn’t tall, has more Malay features, and used to have a bit darker skin, which is now almost completely gone as the vast majority of Filipinas are using skin whitening products. 

As for the personality, she’s a typical Filipina, too. She’s sweet, cute, very friendly, and sociable, can get along with anyone without any difficulty, and is motivated to find love and express it through care and attention. 

2. Mestiza — Smart and demanding

Mestiza is a Filipina girl with mixed Asian-Caucasian background and features. These girls are pretty much like everyone else in the Philippines—kind and sociable, but they are still a bit higher in the social hierarchy, like the nice version of cheerleaders from the 90s movies. They also often come from wealthier families, and, as locals note, they usually have pretty high standards. 

3. Chinita — Traditional and attracted to foreigners

These girls are of mixed Filipino-Chinese origin. That impacts not only the way they look, but also the way they are raised. Their families are usually more traditional compared to other families in the Philippines, but, as often happens, the younger generation is more liberated than their parents want them to be. 

In particular, they marry foreigners the most frequently compared to all other girls, and though their men have to pass the parent test, such relationships usually last and are often happy.

What are Filipino brides looking for in Western men?

Of course, such high marriage migration rates must have an explanation. It’s very simple, actually. Many women in the Philippines believe that they can find better partners abroad, in particular in the United States. 

What do they expect to find? When asked about their motivation, girls usually mention the following things they expect from their future husbands. 

  • Modernity in relationships. That’s the most important thing that ladies from the Philippines want to find. Yes, they are traditional in many things, but they also believe that a relationship should be more modern. There must be more respect and fewer obligations, more desire to listen to each other, and more understanding of each other’s goals and expectations. 
  • Loyalty. Unfortunately, adultery is common in the Philippines, and it is usually the man who is cheating (love triangles have been very common since divorce was abolished). Local girls think they are less likely to face such a scenario with a foreigner who’s ready to settle down. 
  • Reliability and support. Many local women believe that foreigners are more responsible, ready to provide for their families, and prepared to support their women if necessary. 
  • Love and attention. One may argue that everyone expects that in a relationship, but it’s crucially important for Filipina girls. Moreover, a lack of attention may result in relationship problems and even a breakup. 

And here’s another thing that Filipino women like about foreign men—their appearance. Many girls note that they like it that foreign men are “tall and handsome,” which means that most foreigners have at least one serious advantage over many local guys. 

Critical points of the dating etiquette in the Philippines 

How to find a Filipino wife? Considering the number of dating websites for foreigners, it won’t be a complex task. However, you should also know how to attract a Pinay girl, and here are some tips that may help you do it: 

  1. You should always make the first move and show your motivation to get to know a woman better. 
  2. Be romantic and show clear intent for a serious relationship—that’s always a winning strategy. 
  3. Don’t initiate dirty talk. Let the lady start such a conversation if she wants to. 
  4. Show respect and genuine interest in her country. Also, show respect for her religion—that really matters. 
  5. Don’t sound like you’re going to buy a wife. That’s crucially important for those who are going to search for a wife online. 
  6. Don’t disappear for a long time. Filipino girls are very attentive and devoted to relationships, but they expect the same from men. 

Here is a bonus tip: once you make sure that you’ve probably met the one, start planning your trip to the Philippines. Local women take relationships seriously, and they want to see a man’s motivation to take a relationship to the next level. At this stage, meeting her family will be the most important step for you, so try to make a good impression on her parents. 

What is the current cost of getting a Filipino mail-order bride? 

How to get a Filipino wife at a good price? The first thing men should consider is that though the term “cost” is widely used in this context, it actually doesn’t refer to a price for a bride. You can’t pay a fixed sum of money and get a Filipina bride. The “price” refers to the money the man pays for online dating services, trips, a visa for his foreign girlfriend, and more. 

Online expenses

Although there’s a chance of meeting a single Filipino girl on a mainstream dating app, we’re going to talk about specialized dating platforms designed exclusively for Filipinas and Western men. The chance of finding a Filipino mail-order bride on such platforms is the highest, but they are rarely free. 

Moreover, they usually offer members paid credits instead of premium plans. The costs of credits can range from $0.22 for 100 credits to $2 for one credit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the price range is that wide. The thing is, messaging, as well as other services, may cost you different numbers of credits. 

In general, you will pay around $100 per month on any of the top sites, including the sites mentioned on this page. Hence, if you spend around six months on the platform looking for your special Pinay girl, you’ll spend about $600 in total. 

Offline expenses

If you want to find a Filipino wife, you’ll need to go to the Philippines anyway one day. The amount of money you’ll spend there will depend on the frequency of trips, time of the year, the city, and your preferences. Below, we provide prices for a three-week trip.

Sometimes, it’s enough to see a woman just once, so you can take this as a minimum price and double or triple it if necessary. 

Cost categoryAverage range
Plane tickets (round trip)$1,400
Food & Entertainment$600
Gifts & courting (optional but recommended)$500-$2,000+
Visa fees$1,200

Expenses like the visa, gifts, and the wedding are optional. You don’t always need expensive gifts or a big wedding, and the range of expenses for these categories is quite wide, so just estimate the price depending on your personal preferences and budget. As for the visa, the groom is usually the one who pays for it, but it can be negotiated if needed.

In total, to get a Filipina wife, you can spend anywhere starting from about $5,700.

Are Filipino mail-order brides legal?

Yes, they are legal. In the eyes of the law, Filipino wives are just foreign citizens migrating to another country. For example, in the US, foreign brides need to apply for K-1 visas and must meet certain requirements. In particular, they need to be able to prove that their relationships with American partners are authentic and that they’ve met in person within the previous two years.

A bride may wait for visa approval for around six months, and after that, she’ll be able to enter the country and marry her partner legally. Note that the process doesn’t end there—the Filipina wife will also need to apply for adjustment of status after the wedding. 

As you can see, there are some legal procedures, but basically, there are just two requirements for couples—their relationship must be real, and they must have met offline at least a few times before applying for the visa. 

Common stereotypes surrounding Filipina mail order brides 

What are some of the most frequent myths surrounding Filipina women? Let’s see:

  • They are gold-diggers. In short, no, they are not. Some of them, maybe, but the absolute majority of Filipino mail order brides you can find online are legit mail order brides searching for a loving boyfriend or even husband.
  • They are very conservative. The truth is that they are more conservative and probably more traditional/old-fashioned when it comes to relationships and dating than Western women. So, this is partially true, but still, it’s not the most conservative nation overall.
  • They can’t adjust to a new culture. Some people think they stay in their Filipino bubble when they are abroad. And we understand where that comes from. Yes, they will always find each other abroad and meet with other immigrants from the Philippines because of their traditions and because they can become homesick. But this doesn’t mean they can’t adapt to a new culture and country! When we’re talking about young Filipinas in their 20s and 30s, the educated and motivated ones, the ones with ambitions and a clear goal they want to achieve—those people won’t stay in the bubble.

To sum up: Are Filipino mail-order brides a good choice?

Generally speaking, it depends on multiple factors. If you are looking for a loyal, devoted, friendly, and family-minded woman, it might be a perfect place to do it. The Philippines is also a great place for men who want to improve their chances of finding a foreign spouse due to a larger dating pool and spending less money on trips (compared to many other Asian and Latin countries). 

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