Erika Hartman

Erika Hartman

Erika Hartman, a chief author for, is a mindset and leadership coach who discovered a new area of interest and made intercultural relationships her new field of research. With a degree in Education, Communication, and Diversity Studies from Ohio University, Erika has always focused on social sciences more than on anything else. As she now says, relationships between people from different cultures are where our social patterns and personal behavioral patterns actually meet. 

Erika specializes in coping with problematic behaviors that negatively impact our quality of life, and she uses this knowledge and years of experience as a life coach to see how those patterns limit us, don’t let us open our horizons to exploring new things, and affect most cross-cultural relationships. 

Erika’s main goal is to erase borders and make happy intercultural marriages real. She’s the one who’s creating guides for our visitors, using empirical studies, statistics, and her own knowledge of multiple psychological techniques. She tries to provide you with a versatile, 100% solution and help you find your perfect match, even if this person might be living thousands of miles away from you. 

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