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Brazil is a country with strong family values. It’s also the place with one of the largest numbers of single women. Highly desirable single women, to be exact. 

Marriage migration rates from Brazil to the US and some other countries are steadily high—in the case of America, the number of Brazilian K-1 visa applicants ranges from 600 to 1,000 people a year. 

So, what’s so special about Brazilian brides? What makes men choose them over women in their home countries? Are Brazilian brides for sale? How do you meet them?

Top dating sites to meet Brazilian women for marriage

There are many Brazilian women for marriage using international dating websites to find foreign partners. On such platforms, you won’t meet millions of members as on some mainstream local dating apps, but you’ll find thousands of Brazilian girls’ profiles and will know for sure they are interested in relationships with foreign men. We’ve already chosen the top websites for you—take a look and make your choice. 

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Top Brazilian brides’ profiles

What do online brides from Brazil look like? You don’t have to guess—we’ve chosen some of the best profiles on top dating websites, so take a look. 

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Anna Profile image 1
Anna Profile image 2
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Anna, 27
Sao Paulo, Brazil
From: LatiDate.com
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Maria Profile image 1
Maria Profile image 2
Maria Profile image 3
Maria Profile image 4
Maria Profile image 5
Maria Profile image 6
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Maria, 67
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
From: LatiDate.com
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Gyselle Profile image 1
Gyselle Profile image 2
Gyselle Profile image 3
Gyselle Profile image 4
Gyselle Profile image 5
Gyselle Profile image 6
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Gyselle, 30
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
From: LatiDate.com
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Maria Profile image 1
Maria Profile image 2
Maria Profile image 3
Maria has more photos!
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Maria, 45
From: LatiDate.com
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Claudia Profile image 1
Claudia Profile image 2
Claudia has more photos!
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Claudia, 27
From: LatiDate.com
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Yonayker Profile image 1
Yonayker Profile image 2
Yonayker Profile image 3
Yonayker Profile image 4
Yonayker Profile image 5
Yonayker Profile image 6
Yonayker has more photos!
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Yonayker, 30
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
From: LatiDate.com
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MANUELA Profile image 1
MANUELA Profile image 2
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From: LatiDate.com
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TestAlla Profile image 1
TestAlla Profile image 2
TestAlla Profile image 3
TestAlla Profile image 4
TestAlla Profile image 5
TestAlla Profile image 6
TestAlla has more photos!
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TestAlla, 24
Brazil, Brasília
From: LatiDate.com
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Sheila Profile image 1
Sheila Profile image 2
Sheila Profile image 3
Sheila Profile image 4
Sheila Profile image 5
Sheila Profile image 6
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Sheila, 26
Brazil, Acari
From: LatiDate.com
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Teresa Profile image 1
Teresa Profile image 2
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Teresa, 26
From: LatiDate.com
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Betzaith Profile image 1
Betzaith Profile image 2
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Betzaith, 35
From: LatiDate.com
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Coromoto Profile image 1
Coromoto Profile image 2
Coromoto Profile image 3
Coromoto Profile image 4
Coromoto Profile image 5
Coromoto Profile image 6
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Coromoto, 30
Brazil, Fortaleza dos Valos
From: LatiDate.com
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Carla Profile image 1
Carla Profile image 2
Carla Profile image 3
Carla Profile image 4
Carla Profile image 5
Carla Profile image 6
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Carla, 24
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
From: LatiDate.com
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Diana Marcela Profile image 1
Diana Marcela Profile image 2
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Diana Marcela, 26
From: LatiDate.com
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Pamela Profile image 1
Pamela Profile image 2
Pamela Profile image 3
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Pamela, 41
Brazil, Aguas Lindas
From: LatiDate.com

The process of finding and selecting a Brazilian mail order bride

Finding your Brazilian soulmate will not seem that difficult if you follow these steps:

Find a dating website with a good reputation
We highly recommend using trusted review platforms such as Trustpilot for this purpose, but reading reviews will not hurt either. It’s the most important part, actually, because if you choose a dating website with a bad reputation, fake profiles, and lots of bots, your experience will be ruined from the very beginning
Get your free credits or free trial
All the best Brazilian bride platforms are not free to use, but most of them offer certain welcome bonuses for new members—typically, they offer discounts, a free trial, or free credits. With such a bonus, you’ll be able to test all the premium features of the website without any payment
Search for women
It’s very simple: most Brazilian dating websites have a lot of search filters that will help you find a perfect match. You should also not skip the questionnaire during the registration because your answers will help the matching algorithm do its job more efficiently
Browse profiles and chat with ladies
Most women on these websites speak English quite well, so you don’t need to learn Portuguese to chat with them! Just choose a woman you like, send her a personalized message based on her profile information and photos, and begin your journey

Success stories of Brazilian mail order bride marriages

La Date

“When I first met Laura on LatiDate, we didn’t even talk about marriage. It was 2019, I was going to have a trip to Rio, and I wanted someone to show me the city, you know, nice places and stuff.

We met and had a date, and after that, both Laura and I thought that it was a great idea to continue our communication.

And here we are, 4 years later, married and happy—we met 7 times in 2019 and 2020 and got married in 2021. Waiting for her fiance visa was awfully difficult, but in 2022 (13 months after filing the petition), we finally got married in California!”



“I’m 10% Brazilian according to ancestry DNA, so that’s probably why I was always interested in Latinas. I used around 5 dating sites and even had some fun with several girls I met there, but with Brenda, it was totally different.

She told me she was a Catholic, so no sex on the first date, and I was totally ok with that because I kinda had serious intentions, too!

We chatted for 2 months and met in July 2021. Long story short… Next week, it will be her visa interview. And in a month, she’ll finally become my wife.”

3 secrets of Brazilian women’s charm 

Brazilian women, and especially Brazilian mail-order brides, are tired of men fetishizing them, and that’s understandable. Сontrary to popular belief, beauty isn’t the only thing that makes local girls special. 

1. Hedonism, benevolence, and importance of family

Brazilians are the happiest nation not because they are the richest or because of some extraordinary accomplishments. They are happy because of their national character, optimism, easygoing nature, and kindness. 

Also, Brazilians rely on their close ones—their big families. They know that whatever happens, they’re not alone. That makes local girls more confident, cheerful, and tolerant—and, of course, such a combination is incredibly attractive. 

2. Independence and inner strength 

Let’s bust some myths. Some people believe that the only reason why Brazil mail-order brides may be looking for foreign husbands is because they want to be fully reliant on their men, financially and psychologically. This is nothing but a stereotype. 

Brazilian women are self-reliant. They are capable of living alone, providing for themselves, and solving their problems. They just crave love, and that’s the main and only reason why they start relationships with the men they like. 

3. Spontaneity and desire for experiments

Local women are also very courageous and spontaneous. They are into new activities, making new plans the same day, changing them if they want to, experimenting, and exploring the world around them. A man dating a Brazilian woman will hardly ever get bored, and that’s another reason why so many guys are looking for a perfect match in this particular country. 

What are Brazilian brides looking for in Western men? 

So, the popularity of Brazilian brides can be easily explained by the above-listed and many more distinctive features that make local women so attractive.

But what about their motivation? Is it just about the desire to live in a safer country? Not exactly.

In most cases, the desire to emigrate to get married is explained by the following factors: 

  1. Desire for modern values. Modern values in a relationship are about mutual respect and understanding. There should be no pressure and no strict adherence to traditional gender roles. That’s exactly what many Brazilian girls expect from relationships with foreign men. 
  2. Cultural globalization. The impact of the Western, and in particular, American culture is huge. That makes not only pop stars attractive—it actually has a positive impact on how representatives of a certain culture are seen in another country. In the case of Brazil, the impact is positive. 
  3. Negative personal experiences. Sometimes, the motivation of Brazilian brides is explained by the bad associations after multiple breakups. There’s nothing wrong with Brazilian men, of course, but after certain experiences, some local women start looking for ultimately different solutions. 
  4. Strong motivation to get married and start a family. This is actually the main factor. It’s not that easy to find a family- and marriage-minded man in a short time in any country, including Brazil. Local women know that there are enough men from other countries who are looking for a future wife in their home country, and they just use this opportunity. 

Usually, a Brazilian mail-order bride has not one but multiple serious reasons to search for a husband abroad, and these are just some of the common factors on the long list of potential motivations. 

Critical points of the dating etiquette in Brazil

Here’s another myth—some people believe that there are certain rules of dating etiquette in Brazil and that if you know them, you’ll win the heart of a Brazilian woman, guaranteed. In reality, things don’t work like that.

Moreover, Brazilian dating culture isn’t that extraordinary, but there are a few tips that may help you succeed. 

  1. Choose your best photos or dress to impress if you’re dating offline. Brazilian women make an effort to look gorgeous, and they expect the same thing from men. 
  2. Don’t disappear for a long time. A lack of attention may be interpreted as a lack of interest. 
  3. Declare your intentions. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings openly and honestly. 

Also, things will move pretty fast, and that’s perfectly normal. That’s why we’d also recommend starting planning a date in real life as soon as possible—a Brazilian is likely to appreciate that a lot. 

What is the current cost of getting a Brazilian mail-order bride?

A man doesn’t pay for a Brazilian bride, but he pays for online dating services, trips, and, in most cases, a visa for his bride. If so, how do you plan your budget?

We explained and calculated the major costs below. 

Online expenses

If you’re looking for a Brazilian woman who’d be 100% into relationships with foreigners and ideally would be searching for a foreign husband, a niche website will work best for you. This can be an international dating platform for Latin singles looking for boyfriends abroad or a mail-order bride website with Brazilian women only. On both, the chance of finding a partner will be the highest. 

Note that such websites are never free. They also offer paid credits instead of premium membership plans, which means that the price a user will pay will largely depend on their choices and dating style. 

The costs of credits on top Brazilian dating sites range from $0.08 per credit to $2 per credit. The cost of messaging on such websites, in turn, ranges from 0.5 to 20 credits per 10 minutes. So, a website with the cheapest credits may turn out to be not-so-cheap, while a platform with more expensive credits can actually be not so pricey. 

That’s why it’s so important to learn everything about the pricing policy of a particular platform you’re going to use. Though it may seem very confusing, you can expect to spend $100 a month on such a platform on average, so if you spend six months looking for a woman and building a relationship with one of the Brazilian mail-order brides, you’re likely to spend around $600 in total. 

Offline expenses

Of course, a man will need to meet his girlfriend in real life, and in the vast majority of cases, he comes to the woman’s country. The total cost of trips will depend on their duration, frequency, time of the year, and personal preferences. Also, it’s usually the man who pays for a visa and often covers optional expenses like the wedding.

We provide some costs below—use them to calculate the price based on your preferences. 

Cost categoryAverage costs
Plane tickets$1,500
Hotel (3 weeks in Brazil)$1,400
Food & entertainment (3 weeks in Brazil)$800
Gifts & courting (optional but recommended)$200-$1,000+
Visa fees$1,000

So, if we assume that you spend six months on a dating website, go to Brazil once, stay for three weeks, and don’t spend too much on gifts and a wedding, the total cost will be around $6,000. 

Are Brazilian mail-order brides legal?

The main concerns about the mail-order bride industry are directly related to its legality. That, however, can be explained by the fact that most people still associate modern brides with brides of the past when they received financial compensation or were motivated solely by financial reasons. 

Nowadays, men can’t order Brazilian brides online. That’s just a myth. In reality, men meet Brazilian ladies for marriage on international websites, and then everything happens pretty much like on regular dating apps—people chat, get to know each other better, and start a relationship. The only difference is that one of them needs to cross borders to meet their perfect match. That, by the way, is absolutely necessary. 

A man can legally marry a Brazilian woman only if they are able to prove that their relationship is authentic and that they have met in person within the last two years. These are some of the main requirements for getting a K-1 visa to the United States, as well as for getting visas to most other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Marriage with a mail-order bride is just a marriage with a foreign citizen, so there are no legal issues to worry about. 

Common stereotypes surrounding Brazilian mail order brides

In our research, we’ve come across the following most common stereotypes about Brazilian ladies:

  • They are too emotional and loud. There will be two not-that-false stereotypes here, and this is one of them, actually. Brazilian women, just like all the other Latinas, are very passionate, and it’s very difficult for them to hide their emotions. They just don’t think they have to do it because it’s not considered rude in Latin America when you’re loud. 
  • They are immature. Women from Brazil may sometimes overreact to minor problems and have mood swings, and some people call it “immature.” Well, we prefer the word “emotional.”
  • They are very flirty and easy. Brazilian mail order brides are very open-minded and friendly, and they are incredibly easy to approach. Some men confuse this with being “easy,” but that’s surely a mistake.
  • They are always late. This is the second stereotype that is not that far from reality, actually. In this regard, Brazilian mail order brides are quite similar to other South American women—they just don’t think that being late is a problem. 

To sum up

There’s no simple answer to this question. The right answer is “It depends.” What are you looking for? If you’re looking for spontaneity, strong family values, beauty, a hot temper, and an amazing culture, you’ll find it all and even more in Brazil. 

If you’re ready to spend time and money on finding a Brazilian wife, with a strong motivation, you’ll succeed. If something that we said about Brazilian women doesn’t seem right or if you aren’t ready to invest that much time and money, maybe you should look for an alternative place to find love.

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