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Over 15,000 Asians enter the US yearly to marry American citizens, and most of them are Asian mail order brides—women who were intentionally looking for foreign partners, in most cases, on niche dating websites. It shows that the Asian segment of the online dating market is stronger than ever.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about modern Asian brides, their motivation, the costs of meeting them, and other important aspects of finding a future wife in this particular region.

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Why are Asian women popular among men seeking mail order brides?

Western men got married to Asian women decades and even centuries ago, and they keep doing it now, in the 2020s. What makes them so desirable? Here are the answers:

  • Devotion to a relationship. Relationships are very important—in many modern Asian cultures, that’s one of the main aspects of life, and many local women are truly motivated to find a partner and want to build a happy relationship.
  • Love is expressed through care. Many Westerners who marry Asian women note that they’re the most caring and loving women in the world.
  • Beauty still matters. Of course, one of the reasons why many men are attracted to Asian girls is their natural beauty, but once men get to know Asian ladies better, it stops being the primary one.
  • Friendliness and calmness are very common. Many Asian girls are optimistic, friendly, sociable, and at the same time, reserved.

Of course, we’re not trying to say that women in all Asian countries and even women within one Asian country share the same personality traits and values, but if you want to know what you can expect at large, you can rely on these facts.

Common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding Asian mail order brides

Asian woman
meet Asian girl

Of course, there are some myths and stereotypes about Asian women, too, and here are some of the most common of them:

  1. Asian women are obedient and submissive. Not true. It is just a stereotype from old times—they are more self-reliant than many expect them to be.
  2. Asian brides are emotionally cold. Not true. In fact, in many Asian countries, women are very emotional and aren’t afraid to express their feelings. 
  3. Women from poorer Asian countries just want to immigrate at all costs. Not true. They’re looking for a decent man and they can be picky.
  4. They’re all “exotic geishas”. Not true. They’re modern women, no more and no less. 
  5. They all have the so-called “white fever” and would date any white man. Partly true. Many Asian women are really attracted to foreigners, but men shouldn’t overestimate that.

Just consider this information—it will help you not only to avoid mistakes when communicating with Asian ladies but also to develop realistic expectations about Asian brides.

How much does it really cost to get an Asian mail order bride?

First, let’s talk about what exactly the term “cost” in this context means. It refers to the total cost of all services that a man needs to use to meet an Asian bride online, build an emotional connection with her, meet her in real life, and then get her to his country. What are the main expenditures? Take a look at the table below.

ExpensesPrice range Comment
Online dating $1,000-$1,500The total cost will depend on the site you choose and the actions you take on this site, as on most platforms, members buy credits and spend them on using different features. In general, you can expect to spend around $1,200 a year on a niche site with Asian mail order brides.
Trips to a bride’s country$2,000-$7,000+Of course, it’s hard to compare the cost of a trip to Vietnam and Japan, so the total price will depend on the destination, frequency, and duration of your trips, as well as on your traveling style.
Visa$1,200That’s the price for getting a K-1 visa to the US, not including the price for getting an adjustment status.
Wedding $50-$20,000+That’s entirely optional—the minimal price is just $50 for a wedding license in the US.

So, the total cost of getting an Asian wife may range from around $6,000 to $10,000 and more, and a lot will depend on your choices at every stage.

The challenges and benefits of looking for Asian brides through mail order services

Nothing is perfect, and mail order bride services are no exception to this rule. So, if you want to understand the risks, as well as the potential benefits, take a look at the lists below.

Pros of niche websites & mail order bride services:
  • No need to leave the country to find a partner, convenience
  • Access to profiles of Asian women who are 100% serious about finding a foreign spouse
  • Special features that improve the experience and allow the building of deep emotional connections
  • Advanced search features and matching algorithms that narrow the search to your best matches only
Cons of niche websites & mail order bride services:
  • It’s not easy to find a good website
  • Such services are never completely free to use
  • You need to follow safety rules and take measures to avoid scammers

Now you know what to expect. If you still like the idea of finding an Asian mail order bride online, just keep reading—you’ll find an algorithm for doing everything right below.

The process of finding and selecting an Asian mail order bride

So, here are the steps that a man should take to succeed in the near future:

  1. Analyze the options and choose the best Asian dating site. Find multiple sites that may have real Asian members, do background checks on each of them, learn as much as possible about the policies, and then make a choice.
  2. Join the best platform and find out how it actually works. Sign up and test a website as a free user before you upgrade your account and get some credits. Learn everything about the available communication features, how they work, and their costs.
  3. Improve your own profile. Don’t be afraid of being honest. The more clear and useful information you provide on your profile, the better chance of finding a perfect match.
  4. Narrow the search to the best potential Asian girlfriends only. Speaking of perfect matches, you don’t have to contact random people and read hundreds of profiles. Use special features to find the best potential partners instead.
  5. Communicate using different features & start a relationship. There may be a lot of special tools, from text chat to video calls and real gift delivery. Use them at different stages to build emotional connections.

Once you feel you’ve met the right person, start a relationship and plan a date offline to take it to a new level.

Real-life stories of successful relationships with Asian mail order brides

relationships with Asian mail order bride

“I met my future wife 2 years ago online. Everyone was skeptical about our relationship, her family, my family, her friends, and my friends, but we’re getting married now, and I’m happier than ever.

Prejudice and stereotypes were actually the only problems in our relationship, and we coped with them together, which made us even stronger.

I’ve never met such an intelligent and beautiful woman who is totally devoted to her partner and willing to compromise if necessary. I feel and do the same for her, so yes, I believe our marriage will last, regardless of what others say.”

wife from Vietnam

“It took me 20 years and 3 marriages to understand that something was wrong with my choices. I’ve always dreamed of a loyal, family-minded, yet smart girl who also has ambitions, and I was just saying that it’s too good to be true. In my mid-50s, I found out that perfect women actually exist.

My wife is from Vietnam and also has children from her previous marriage. She ran her own business there and is now searching for new job opportunities in the US. I now believe in soulmates. I’ve just probably had to wait for mine for too long.”

dating an Asian girl

“I’m now dating an Asian girl I’ve met online. We met in real life, and it’s not a relationship between strangers because we are just at our long-distance stage right now. I came to Manila twice to meet her, and it was clear that there was that real chemistry between us.

I’m now planning my third date, and if everything goes right, which I expect, I’ll propose to her before I return to the US. For the first time in my life, I’m sure that was the right decision. She really cares about what’s happening between us, can listen, and can share, and that’s what really matters to me.”

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Conclusion and last advice for finding a perfect Asian mail order bride

If you’re sure that you have a good chance of finding love in Asia, you need to develop a good strategy. Make conscious choices at every stage, from the stage of choosing the mail order bride website to the stage of planning real-life trips, and you’ll not only succeed but also save a lot of time and money when searching for and building a relationship with a perfect Asian girl.

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