We work with top dating experts whose main goal is to provide you with all the information you may need to find love in another country. Erika Hartman, the chief author at BridesList.co, inspires the entire team, coordinates the work of all writers and editors, and specializes in coping with problematic behaviors and overcoming cultural differences.

Her right hand, Maria Elizabeth, a love and relationship coach, is more focused on editing content from other authors and giving dating advice for everyone, no matter if you’re looking for love in Vietnam or Ukraine.

Erika Hartman
Meet Erika Hartman—our chief author, successful mindset & life coach, and an international dating enthusiast. She specializes in developing effective strategies that help cope with problematic behaviors in daily life and intercultural relationships.

Erika believes that opening horizons to something new is what we all should strive for, and she uses her deep expertise, statistics, and recent study results to help our website visitors do it easily.
Maria Elizabeth
Maria Elizabeth
Dating Expert
Maria Elizabeth is a love and relationship coach and a dating expert for Brideslist.net. Maria uses her knowledge, extensive expertise, and years of experience working with intercultural couples to give relationship advice that has already worked for hundreds of spouses. Also, she’s the one who analyzes the dating platforms, evaluates the quality of matching and communication features, and shares her findings with you.

The experts we trust

Though our experts have great expertise in dating, and in particular, international dating, we believe that researchers should never focus solely on their own findings. There are experts we trust and follow on social media.

In some cases, we also buy paid consultations or courses from such big coaches as Apollonia Ponti, Adam LoDolce, and Mattew Hussey.  

Their blogs, publications, and videos help us discover new interesting topics, reconsider some of our own approaches, and share more diverse expert content with you. 

Plans and future growth 

We’re making every effort to become the largest, the most popular, and the most trusted information portal with the most relevant information on every aspect of international dating. We want to grow and improve, and that’s what we’re currently focused on: 

  • Collecting feedback and questions from our readers to provide more information on the topics that seem interesting to them
  • Cooperating with marriage lawyers to share more insights on the legal aspects of marrying someone from another country. 
  • Cooperating with tourist agencies to share the best offers at the lowest prices for those who are going to meet their partners in real life. 
  • Working with social scientists to see what social trends may affect dating trends in the future.

We are grateful to all our site visitors for making this project launch and existence possible. We appreciate your interest in what we are doing and ask you to keep commenting and sharing our content so more people can see it and learn something new and useful.